What’s nearby – action, sights and other attractions

Burgenland, Austria’s sunniest region, offers you lots of nature, action as well as relaxation and quiet not far from the castle:

Relaxation at the thermal spas nearby

Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg for children and families, www.sonnentherme.at

AVITA thermal spa Bad Tatzmannsdorf: www.avita.at

Draisinentour: Get to know the region relying on your muscle power, pedalling on a rail-cycle draisine along the railway tracks. Afterwards let yourself be pampered with local cuisine. www.draisinentour.at

Go-cart action in Rechnitz, located only a few kilometres from Lockenhaus, Speedarena Rechnitz offers the perfect setting for a superb cart race with more than 25 carts to choose from. www.speedarena.at

Rope climbing park Sonnenseilgarten Lutzmannsburg: Action for adults and children in the high rope and low rope park with the help of well-trained staff. www.sonnenlandseilgarten.at

For wine enthusiasts:

Gebietsvinothek Deutschkreutz: www.vinatrium.at
Vinothek Horitschon: www.vinothek-horitschon.at

Family Ranch Lutzmannsburg

Children’s zoo with llama, donkey, miniature ponies, goats, chickens, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs; riding lessons & pony rides also available for children, for beginners and advanced riders. www.familyranch.at

Oberpullendorf –enjoy city shopping

The district capital does not only offer excellent shopping facilities, but also cultural events and high-class cuisine. www.oberpullendorf.at

Authentic Burgenland Indigo Printing Blaudruckerei Koó

The Koó family’s Indigo Printing workshop,Neugasse 14, 7453 Steinberg, Tel.: +43 (0) 2612/8471 www.originalblaudruck.at

Bernstein Felsenmuseum

Step into the subterranean world of this museum and learn more about the serpentine rocks and the mining history of Bernstein. 7434 Bernstein, Hauptplatz 5, Tel. & Fax +43 (0) 3354/6620 www.felsenmuseum.at

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