The Burgtaverne restaurant

At our Burgtaverne restaurant, famous and popular far beyond Lockenhaus, you will be pampered in rooms steeped in history, like the Great Hall (‘Rittersaal’), the old castle kitchen (‘Rauchkuchl’) or the Hussar’s room (‘Husarenstüberl’) with authentic ‘Raubritter’ knight’s meals or ‘Landsknecht’meals (literally ‘landknight’, a mercenary foot soldier)

The seasonally-inspired menu offers international as well as regional specialities and superb wines. When the weather is fine our guests enjoy their meals in the lower courtyard or on the Burgstüberl terrace boasting a spectacular view of Nature Park Geschriebenstein. We are delighted to help you with the culinary planning of your event, wedding or celebration.

A-7442 Lockenhaus, Günserstraße 5
Tel. +43 2616 2321

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 am

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