Lockenhaus knight’s castle –
an adventure for young and old

Visit the Lockenhaus knight's castle and immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Templars and the spooky Blood Countess or test your own skills as a knight at our knights games. Our bat Betsi and our castle ghost Baldi are looking forward to welcoming our little guests. Our castle tavern will look after your creature comforts.

The castle

Find out more about the Lockenhaus knight's castle and its history.

Knights meal

Experience a medieval knights meal in the historical rooms of the castle.


Opening hours, admission fees & guided tours.


You can stay in the castle itself, in one of the exclusive castle rooms, or alternatively spend the night in one of our spacious family rooms and reasonably priced attic rooms in the adjoining Castle Hotel.


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Lockenhaus Castle

in Burgenland

Bats at Lockenhaus Castle

In Lockenhaus Castle you can find the nursery roost of the largest Geoffroy's bat colonies in Central Europe. We give families the opportunity to experience the fascinating way of life of the bats up close: in addition to a live cam and the guided bat tours, the special exhibition "Friends of the Night" and the new winter cave are also dedicated to our colony.

Concerts, theatre performances, knights’ meals & festivals for families and fans of the Middle Ages and much more

Concerts, theatre performances, knights' meals & festivals for families and fans of the Middle Ages and much more

Lockenhaus knight's castle is a breathtaking setting for a variety of cultural events. The annual highlights include the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival, the Dracula Event Theatre, an Irish music concert, the Burgenland Musician's Week and the Knights & Family Festival!