Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland

The magnificent Lockenhaus Castle with its unique atmosphere, its historical past and its location embedded in the beautiful landscape of the Geschriebenstein Nature Park, is perfect for many activities, story-telling, relaxation and fun for young and old.

Experience the history of the castle and its former inhabitants - from the Knights Templar to the spooky Blood Countess and one of the largest bat colonies in Central Europe.


Lockenhaus Castle hosts interesting exhibitions and guided tours for the whole family. Explore the castle on your own and get to know its former inhabitants - from the Knights Templar to the spooky Blood Countess and the castle’s bats.

  • "Knight Templars"
  • “Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory”
  • Special bat exhibition "Friends of the Night”
  • “Armoury Experience" redesigned for children
  • “Torture Chamber”
  • “From the ruins to the knight's castle”
  • “Prof. Paul Anton Keller Museum”

Bats, kestrels & nature experiences

Lockenhaus Castle is located in the densely wooded Írottkö - Geschriebenstein Nature Park.
In addition to the Geoffroy's bat colony at the castle itself (April to July) you can observe numerous other bat species in & around the castle & the castle lake. Other feathered castle inhabitants include the majestic kestrels and lightning-fast swifts (a type of swallow).

And with a little bit of luck you will even be able to see a busy beaver family by the lake.

    The history of Lockenhaus Castle

    Lockenhaus Castle looks back on a long history of proud owners & rulers and such legendary owners as the Knights Templars or the bloodthirsty Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory did their mysterious deeds here.

    Then and now

    The castle was built around 1200 above the Güns valley. It was initially called Leuca.

    From 1270 it was owned by the Counts of Güssing and then changed hands frequently between the 14th and 17th centuries. It was extended in 1636 under Franz Nádasdy and the "Lower Castle" (or "Outer Castle”) was added.

    In 1676 ownership of the castle was transferred to the Esterházy princes.

    Wife and husband Margaret and Paul Anton Keller bought the castle ruin in 1968. They sold everything they owned and invested the proceeds, about 510,000 euros, into the preservation of this unique European cultural monument, Lockenhaus Castle.

    Sadly, Prof. Paul Anton Keller died in 1976, and his wife Margaret Keller continued the work they had begun. Soon she realised that she did not have the financial means to continue.

    Instead of selling the castle to potential private buyers, Margaret Keller decided turn Lockenhaus Castle into the “Prof. Paul Anton Keller Foundation" - Lockenhaus Castle, in memory of her husband.

    Since 1980, a board of trustees of the foundation has been managing the castle and has since invested some 22 million euros in the restoration of the castle.

    With advice from the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments, the castle was lovingly restored to its

    present state. This magnificent knight's castle is now open to the public for cultural, creative as well as culinary events.